Thursday, October 30, 2008

Literary Teasers

Are you looking for something new to do with books and your child? Well I have found this really great site that makes learning about new books (or remembering the old ones) fun and exciting. You must take a look at Kidderlit. The site posts a new literary teaser each day. You can try to guess what book the quote comes from. If you can't figure it out and you want to know, just click on the Amazon button and it will take you right to the link for that book. They also have an adult literary teaser as well. Check it out on the side of our blog.

If you get an answer correct, post a comment and let us know what book it was.

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Faith's Momma said...

Mrs. Harbour, Faith and Payton loved the kidderlit website!!!!! They recognized alot of the books from reading them in class! They even remembered some of the preschool books!!