Thursday, October 16, 2008

What is in the box?

This afternoon we were treated to a classroom presentation on habitats. During the beginning of the show, the students on the left side of the room kept hearing a thumpking sound. No one knew what it was. Everyone kept looking at this box to try and figure out what could be making the noise. The presenter asked us not to pay attention to it but that was kind of difficult. One of the other MOSH workers even came over and moved the box to the back of the room because the thumping was so loud. Ask your child - What was in the box? Anyone who posts their answer gets a special treat when they come to school!!!


dayle timmons said...

I have NO idea what was in the box, but I am DYING to know!

Suzanne said...

Ok, how long do we have to wait? What is in the box?