Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Earth's Surface

The great thing about having a blog is that you can post all the wonderful things kids are doing and learning in the class. Leave it to the students to anticipate the posting of an activity that was done today because they are so excited to show it off. I was so happy to see a blog comment asking why our science projects weren't posted yet that we completed today. So Jennifer and you go. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

In class we have been learning about the Earth's surface. We have discussed how water and land make up our planet Earth and that water makes up most of the Earth. While discussing land we learned about different types of soil, mountains, volcanoes, hills, rocks, and how these all form the land we live on. As an extend project, students were asked to work as a group and decide how they would like to illustrate their section of the Earth. They were given dirt, sand, clay, pebble, and molding clay. Once they determined what they were going to do, they were sent back to their seats to create what they had envisioned. It was a messy project but a fun one as well. The kids really had to work together and be able to explain what was on the surface. Here are the pictures from our day.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mem Fox Celebration

What a busy day we had Friday. We began with a live skype to Australian to talk to a 2nd grade teacher. That was really neat. It was midnight her time. Then we went back to the class and made lamington with cake, chocolate and coconut. Yummy! Next we listened to Mem Fox read some stories off her website. After lunch we came back and made some crafts. It was fun making a platypus puppet, a kangaroo, and a pirate hat (just like Tough Boris'). Finally we ended with a Mem Fox Memory Book. It was great to think about all the neat stories we read during the last couple weeks. Here are the highlights from the day.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What is our Earth made of?

Over the last week we have been talking about the Earth's surface. We have been learning about the different types of soil, finding samples around our school and home, and looking at the different types and making observations. The kids have been learning that our Earth's surface is not only made up of soil but of water as well. We will be looking at different maps and how water and land make up the surface. Near the end of the unit we will be completing a tinkering activity as the kids in the class will be making their own map that includes land and water surfaces. Ask your child about what they have learned about soil.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Growing Writer's

One of the things I love about first grade is that the students start to realize what they love about school. Some start to become independent readers (always looking for a book), some really like math, and some start to write stories on their own because they like writing. Here is a story from one of our students who wrote this at home.

I Don't Want a Bath by Taylor F.

Tom, time for a bath said his mom.
Why he said to his mom. Because I want to play said Tom.
How did you get all dirty said his mom?
Then Tom ran to make some friends.
Tom met a snake. What is your name said Tom? My name is May said May. Hi May said Tom.
Then Tom met a lion cub. What is your name said Tom? My name is Tay said Tay. Hi Tay said Tom.
Then Tom met a hyena. What is your name said Tom? My name is Stella said Stella. Hi Stella said Tom.
Then Tom met a cub bear. What is your name said Tom? My name is Trey said Trey. Hi Trey said Tom.
Then Tom met a duck. what is your name said Tom? My name is Lacy said Lacy. Hi Lacy said Tom.
Then Tom met a jaguar. What is your name said Tom? My name is Cinderella said Cinderella. Hi Cinderella said Tom.
Then Tom met a cheetah. What is your name said Tom? My name is Tiger said Tiger. Hi Tiger said Tom.
Then Tom met a leopard. What is your name said Tom? My name is Isabella said Isabella. His Isabella said Tom.
Then Tom went to find his mom. Tom found his mom. His mom asked Tom if he wanted a bath. Yes said Tom. I am tired and dirty from meeting all those new friends. Then Tom took a bath and went to bed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's time for School by Mrs. Harbour & Mrs. Wright's class

During our author study we read the book Time for Bed. It is a great pattern book that was nice to hear after our pattern book unit of study. As a class we decided to write our own pattern book that mimics Time for Bed.

It's time for school brown dog, brown dog
Are you going to catch a frog?

It's time for school jumping bunny, jumping bunny
You will eat some honey.

It's time for school big fish, big fish
Are you going to bake me in a dish?

It's time for school nice cricket, nice cricket
Or else you're going to get a ticket.

It's time for school little cat, little cat
Are you going to pretend with a hat?

It's time for school little lion, little lion
Are you going to gonna eat a bun?

It's time for school huge zebra, huge zebra
Will you say abracadabra?

It's time for school big duck, big duck
Are you going to drive a truck?

It's time for school pretty frog, pretty frog
Are you going to bring in a fake hog?

It's time for school pink pig, pink pig
Are you going to wear your wig?

It's time for school soft sheep, soft sheep?
Are you going to sleep in a jeep?

It's time for school tiny snail, tiny snail
If you don't go to school you might fail.

It's time for school crazy giraffe, crazy giraffe
I hope you go on a plastic raft.

It's time for school super bat, super bat
How about that!

It's time for school big tiger, big tiger
Don't forget to break the tire.

It's time for school little penguin, little penguin
Are you going to play with your pretend twin?

It's time for school tiny mouse, tiny mouse
Don't forget to bring your house.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Sometimes the newsletter seems to be filled and there are still so many things I would like to share with you. Here are a couple quick notes:

Tomorrow will be our Open House for 1st grade. The students are very excited to show you all the great things we have been doing in class. Please try to join us ~ we will begin at 6:30.

Last week we began our Mem Fox author study. If your child has a book by her, he/she is welcome to bring it in and keep it in their reading bag.

Our Literacy Parade and fall party will be quickly approaching us....please make sure you are keeping an eye open for information coming home. Our homeroom parents will be contacting you as well about volunteers needed for the carnival on the 29th.

Keep practicing handwriting at home....we will be having our assessment next week.

Please make sure you sign and return your child's tests when they are sent home. It is always helpful to review them with your child to discuss what mistakes he/she made. Many parents like to use these to make similar practice problems at home. Please note that all quizzes are made directly from what has been taught in class.