Monday, October 4, 2010


Sometimes the newsletter seems to be filled and there are still so many things I would like to share with you. Here are a couple quick notes:

Tomorrow will be our Open House for 1st grade. The students are very excited to show you all the great things we have been doing in class. Please try to join us ~ we will begin at 6:30.

Last week we began our Mem Fox author study. If your child has a book by her, he/she is welcome to bring it in and keep it in their reading bag.

Our Literacy Parade and fall party will be quickly approaching us....please make sure you are keeping an eye open for information coming home. Our homeroom parents will be contacting you as well about volunteers needed for the carnival on the 29th.

Keep practicing handwriting at home....we will be having our assessment next week.

Please make sure you sign and return your child's tests when they are sent home. It is always helpful to review them with your child to discuss what mistakes he/she made. Many parents like to use these to make similar practice problems at home. Please note that all quizzes are made directly from what has been taught in class.


Anna said...

I had a lot of fun seeing Lucio's work, and he was so proud to show me the table labels, too. (ex. seeds, soil, sun, etc.) Thanks for keeping me posted and answering all my queries on a timely manner.-Mary

Laurie Foret said...

Will is learning so many things! He tells me about "bossy 'e'" and how it tells the other vowels to say their name (what a wonderful way to teach that!)and "Hey Mom, 'admire' is one of our vocabulary words!" I enjoyed seeing his work at Open House and we thoroughly enjoyed the field trip to the Sykes and Cooper Farm. As the previous poster mentioned also, thank you so much for your timely responses to my questions!