Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mem Fox Celebration

What a busy day we had Friday. We began with a live skype to Australian to talk to a 2nd grade teacher. That was really neat. It was midnight her time. Then we went back to the class and made lamington with cake, chocolate and coconut. Yummy! Next we listened to Mem Fox read some stories off her website. After lunch we came back and made some crafts. It was fun making a platypus puppet, a kangaroo, and a pirate hat (just like Tough Boris'). Finally we ended with a Mem Fox Memory Book. It was great to think about all the neat stories we read during the last couple weeks. Here are the highlights from the day.

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Donna Thames said...

Dear Mrs. Harbour- why don't you show the science project on the web that we made in class today? I think it will be cool. Jennifer and Tracey Thames.

I enjoyed the photos from Mem Fox Day. Donna Thames