Monday, May 18, 2009

Blog Survey

As we near the end of the year, we would love your quick feedback about our blog. Please take a few minutes and answer our 3 quick questions back on a comment. We would appreciate all your thoughts.

1. What was your favorite posting over the year?
2. How often do you read the blog?
3. What would you like to see more postings of? (pictures, student thoughts, student work, overview of our week)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Grade Poets

Our poetry unit has finally come to an end. What a great couple weeks of writing we had. The kids loved being able to write about anything and everything! Here are a couple of our favorites.

The Coral Reef - by Zachary
Splish splash fish coming
Fresh new fish ready to eat
Lets go back to the coral reef
So many fish ready to eat.

Birds - by Carter
Blue and red. Brown and black
Big or small. Skinny of fat.
Can fly up high
in the sky.
Never in a hurry.

Frogs Hide and Seek - by Cameron
Ribit, ribit, ribit, ribit! Hoping fast.
Where are they? They are good at hiding.
Hoping fast to a hiding spot.
Where are they?
I think they are right behind me - are they?

Bows - by Faith
Bows are ribbon
I tie in my hair
That look beautiful everywhere.
I wear them alsmost every day
Soon they might be in a fabulous play.

Matthew - by Brandon L.

Matthew has fat ears threw a mile
Brown eyes glow through the night
Eye up and scary
Very funny all the time
Golden hair very bright
Loud voice all the time
Wears funny shirts all day
Clean teeth make people blind
Matthew has everything.

Moon - by Brandon R.
Moon huge and round
Half moon full moon
White and have holes on top
So bright at night.

Storm - by Peter
Zap boom
It's a storm
The thunder collapses\
The wind blows
Leaves all around
Branches fall
Trees fall down.

The Big Sea - by CJ
Salty water with the sun melting down
Surfers going deep with waves crashing down.
Fish swimming all around in the great big sea.
Cool cool water as there can be.
So that the fish can swim happy as can be.

Pennies - by Katie
Shiney or dirty.
Heads or tales.
Little and brown.

Monsters - by Matthew
Monsters are very wasty
They think people are very tasty.
And they like to chew gum
But don't ask them for some.