Friday, August 31, 2007

The Chets Creek Kindergartener

As we close our second week of school I am amazed at how much these little ones have grown and learned in such a short time. They always amaze me. What a great group of children we have this year. They are loving, polite, eager to learn, and great at cleaning up. This week we have been working on learning things such as partner reading, new rhymes and songs, how to write stories using pictures and sounding out our words, calendar and counting in math, and what science is all about. Here is what the children remember learning this week:

Matthew – how to dance in music
Faith – syllables
Lisa – about running in P.E.
Alexis – Jack and Jill
Lauren – science
Brandon – about partner reading
Cameron – to work quietly in Writer's Workshop
Jasani- how to treat books
Hannah – singing the Reader's Workshop song
Payton – syllables
Alex – the calendar in Math
Gema – science by singing the science song
Amy – Jack and Jill
Zachary - Jack and Jill
Rebecca – counting days in school
Mia – how to do a picture in Writer’s Workshop
Dylan – Jack and Jill
Katie – clapping my name in syllables
Connerly - science
Emily – the whole world around us is science
Lea – writing my name
Vernae – Jack and Jill
Carter – how to look at books quietly

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Place Where Dreams Do Come True...

We've finished our first week of school and what an exciting week we've had! We have been learning all the rituals and routines of our class as well as getting through our daily schedule. We learned about Skills Block, Reader's Workshop, Writer's Workshop, and Math Workshop. We even had our first resource class - Character Education with Coach Hall. In between all that we have learned songs and heard many stories (we really love Caps for Sale). This is what we loved best about our first week as Kindergarteners!

I liked...

Emily - going outside.
Matthew - playing the game with the balls.
Zachary - playing outside.
Nakyya - to play on the playground.
Faith - the magic show.
Alex - everything.
Cameron - the magic show.
Brandon - recess.
Hailey - showing my bookbag to the class.
Payton - playing on the playground.
Katie - seeing mom at my school.
Amy - being with Mrs. Cordoza
Alexis - reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
Connerly - going outside.
Gema - being with you.
Lea - reading a book.
Lisa - math
Lauren - reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
Jasani - Reader's Workshop.
Mia - making new friends.
Hannah - the magic show.
Carter - playing on the playground.
Dylan - playing outside.
Rebecca - making new friends.
Vernae - breakfast, lunch, and snack.