Saturday, February 27, 2010

Picture Perfect Animals

Here are some of the animals we saw at the zoo on Friday. See if you can guess the animal while it is still a puzzle!

What a great zoo day!

The morning was cold but what a great day Friday's zoo trip turned out to be! It took a bit before all the animals were out but some of them were out nice and early. The kids enjoyed the day no matter what the weather was like! Here were their favorite parts of the day.

Sean - seeing the elephants
Taylor - feeding the giraffes
Ava - feeding the giraffes
Ezra - when me and Keely saw the elephants
Lynethe - feeding the giraffes
Elizabeth - seeing the giraffes
Jacob - seeing the zebra
Matthew - touching the snake - everything!
Trey - the cheetah
Skylar - feeding the giraffes
Sierra - the giraffes
Lania - the elephants
Emily - petting the chinchilla
Keely - the cheetah
Bella - feeding the giraffe
Nick - touching the snake
Simran - the jaguar
Jack - the anteater

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Head to Toe

Over the last couple days we have been reading the book Head to Toe by Eric Carle. The kids loved this book as read about animals moving and copying the moves the animals made. Here is a cute video that sings the words to the book.

Head to Toe

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eric Carle for Kindergarteners

This week we started our favorite Eric Carle author study. If you don't know a lot of his books at this point, you will by the end of our 6 week unit. The best thing about his books are that the kids are so engaged as they listen and learn how to read them. They become lifetime favorite books. Over the course of the unit, we will be listening to his stories, retelling our favorite books, writing text to self connections, and doing fun activities to support the literature. Here are the books we have read this week:
Do You Want to be my Friend?
Does a Kangaroon Have a Mother Too?
Have you Seen my Cat?

Make sure you ask your child about the great books their hearing each day and don't forget to pop onto his great website and his new blog.

Post a comment and tell us what your favorite book has been so far!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The 100th Day of Kindergarten

On Friday we celebrated the 100th day of school. This is always such an exciting day for kids as they realize how long we have been in school. As a homework project the kids came with an items that had 100 of "something" on it such as a shirt with 100 notes or a hat with 100 buttons. The day was filled with fun activities such as writing 100 words we know how to spell, reading books about the 100th day, writing about what they would do with 100 dollars, making hats and silly glasses, and counting to 100 different ways. Here are some highlights from our day.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Reading Strategies

Over the last couple weeks we have been focusing on reading strategies that will help us to be better readers. Kids at this age learn many ways to help them decode words which will in turn help them have better comprehension. Many of these strategies may seem simple to an adult, but to a child, they are effective approaches to becoming a fluent reader.

One of the first and most important strategies we teach our young readers is to

What that means is that before a child begins to read the words, he/she must take a look at the picture and decide what they notice that will be important to the story. Who is in the picture? What is happening? Where does it take place? Please don't discourage your child from looking at the pictures to help him/her figure out what the text is about.

Good readers always look at the pictures!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kindergarten Awards Ceremony

Here are the highlights from our 2nd 9wks Awards Ceremony. Thank you Mrs. Matharu for making our slideshow.

M is for Melody

Last month our book of the month was M is for Melody. Our class wrote our own alphabet book to go with our musical theme and we put it on a voicethread. We hope you enjoy our book. Just open the link below.

M is for Melody by Mrs. Harbour's class