Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eric Carle for Kindergarteners

This week we started our favorite Eric Carle author study. If you don't know a lot of his books at this point, you will by the end of our 6 week unit. The best thing about his books are that the kids are so engaged as they listen and learn how to read them. They become lifetime favorite books. Over the course of the unit, we will be listening to his stories, retelling our favorite books, writing text to self connections, and doing fun activities to support the literature. Here are the books we have read this week:
Do You Want to be my Friend?
Does a Kangaroon Have a Mother Too?
Have you Seen my Cat?

Make sure you ask your child about the great books their hearing each day and don't forget to pop onto his great website and his new blog.

Post a comment and tell us what your favorite book has been so far!

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