Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a great zoo day!

The morning was cold but what a great day Friday's zoo trip turned out to be! It took a bit before all the animals were out but some of them were out nice and early. The kids enjoyed the day no matter what the weather was like! Here were their favorite parts of the day.

Sean - seeing the elephants
Taylor - feeding the giraffes
Ava - feeding the giraffes
Ezra - when me and Keely saw the elephants
Lynethe - feeding the giraffes
Elizabeth - seeing the giraffes
Jacob - seeing the zebra
Matthew - touching the snake - everything!
Trey - the cheetah
Skylar - feeding the giraffes
Sierra - the giraffes
Lania - the elephants
Emily - petting the chinchilla
Keely - the cheetah
Bella - feeding the giraffe
Nick - touching the snake
Simran - the jaguar
Jack - the anteater

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