Sunday, October 17, 2010

What is our Earth made of?

Over the last week we have been talking about the Earth's surface. We have been learning about the different types of soil, finding samples around our school and home, and looking at the different types and making observations. The kids have been learning that our Earth's surface is not only made up of soil but of water as well. We will be looking at different maps and how water and land make up the surface. Near the end of the unit we will be completing a tinkering activity as the kids in the class will be making their own map that includes land and water surfaces. Ask your child about what they have learned about soil.


Donna Thames said...

Tracey got a bag of dirt last Thursday after school and put it in her backpack. When her dad got home he was chagrined to find dirt in her backpack. I explained it was for a project and intentionally placed in her snack bag. Thanks for the updates. Jennifer told me they get a reward for reading the blog.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog Mrs. Harbour & Mrs. Wright. Thank you for being such good teachers. Love, Keely