Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why we loved Mosh~

The best thing about MOSH was...
Richa - I got to pet a corn snake
Jasani - we saw the history section and had fun at lunch
Katie - we pet a corn snake
Mikey - I liked when we went to the science section and shoot the marbles
Abigail - I liked petting Friendship
Cameron - I liked the show and seeing the turtle
Isaiah - when we played the gamed and shoot the balls
Mia - seeing the turtle and the snake
Peter - when I pressed the button the dinosaur roared
Payton - the animal show. I liked the turtle.
John - when we went to see the show. I liked petting the snake.
Hannah - I liked when we went to the games and saw the snake
Brandon L. - I liked playing the games
Zachary - I liked the Indian stuff. Remember when we did our Indian thing last year?
Lauren - I liked the bones we saw.
Dylan - when we saw the shark bones
Bridget - when I touched the snake
CJ - when I saw the snake
Alexis - When I touched the snake and I liked seeing the owl
Lisa - when we touched the snake and we watched a movie in the history section
Matthew - I went to shoot the balls and I went in the Indian thing. We went
into one of their homes.
Brandon R. - when I saw the whales - they're big!
Nakyya - When we were shooting balls and blowing bubbles
Riley - the games - spin the handle then push the red button and the metal rings
flew up in the air.
Julia - when we went upstairs to the games - blowing bubbles - I blew a huge one!
Marcie - The show about the habitats and petting the snake


Suzanne said...

Petting a snake, your favorite part--yipes! That would have probably been my least favorite part. You are brave 1st Graders!

Faith's Momma said...

I thought all of the papr's were sosososososososososossosososososososo good faith's mama