Monday, October 20, 2008

What's in the box? - Part 2

Ok, well Peter came to me this morning and said he told his mom what was in the box but wasn't sure how to post it. So here it is for those of you who have been waiting.

It was Gooder the turtle. He was banging the side of the box over and over. He is actually a teenager. He was not very happy in the box and wanted to get out. Once the trainer was holding him he continued to keep moving his legs as if he was walking so she decided to put him down and let him roam around while she talked. We all loved Gooder! We hope you have enjoyed the suspense of "What's in the box?".


Suzanne said...

A turtle--I never would have guessed!

Debbie Harbour said...

I know - great huh? That is why I thought this would be fun. :)

Faith's Momma said...

I thougnt the turtle was sosososososososososososososo cool