Monday, November 3, 2008

The Presidential Election

Tomorrow is not just a voting day for adults across the country. In our class, as I am sure in many others, we will be voting on our own class president. Of course the "class president" idea was inspired by our country's Presidential election as well as our October Book of the Month - Grace for President.

After hearing this book, our class decided we too would like to have a class president. It didn't even have to be a girl! So we held our own primary election to determine which two candidates would be running for office. During this time, we spent time learning about our government and past presidents that were important to American history. Tomorrow two of our students (Faith and Julia) will be trying to win votes after their week long campaign in class. Students will be able to listen to the final campaign speeches and cast their vote.

Good luck to everyone running for President! We will keep you updated from the polls.

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Faith's Momma said...

thank you for voteing for me congratulations julia your friend faith