Monday, November 17, 2008

Recycle to Save our Planet

Paper or plastic? Cloth please. That is what our kids learned on Friday morning when we gathered with the rest of the first grade to kick off a project to recycle in our classrooms. Each class got their own large recycling bin that is divided into two sides. One side is for plastic and on the other side is for paper. Mrs. Alvarado got them pumped up to do their part to save our planet from unnecessary waste taking up space in our landfills and harming our precious sea animals! Ask your child what she taught them about the dangers of plastic grocery bags, how they can harm sea animals, and how they end up in our oceans.


Faith's Momma said...

why paper bags are bad is becuse it is bad for animals becuse they eat them

Anonymous said...

Plastic bags are really bad because they could be mistaken as jellyfish.