Saturday, September 20, 2008

Open House

When I see parents outside of the classroom they always ask "How is my child doing?". Of course I understand this considering I too am a parent. The best way to know how your child is doing is to ask them questions about their day each and every day. Can your child tell you what happened in each workshop? Can he/she tell you what the mini-lesson was about in Writer's Workshop? Can he/she tell you what word family and vowel combination was practiced in Skills Block? These types of questions will help you to know how your child is doing.

On Tuesday, September 23rd we will have Open House. I highly encourage all of our families to join us this evening to get a glimpse into their child's day. I promise we will not talk the whole time and you will have an opportunity to see what your child is doing each day. We would love to see all of you for this very informative night.

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