Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mathematician of the Day

What is Mathematician of the Day?

Each day we have a mathematician that is our special helper for Math Counts. Each child's name is put into a cup and a new name is drawn. This child gets a sticker first thing in the morning to show his/her special job for the day.
Our mathematician is responsible for coming in and adding in our new date for the calendar.

The mathematician also changes the day of the week signs.

Once we return from lunch we begin our math workshop. We start with our Math Counts activities. The mathematician of the day joins Mrs. VanAlstyne or Mrs. Harbour to complete each activity. Below are some of the activities for September.

Daily Clock: Each day we add a minute to our clock. Then we count to see how many minutes after the hour it shows.

Number Builder: Each day we make the number 5 this month. The Mathematician of the Day makes a story problem for the number 5. When he/she is done, we choose which dot cards would go along with the story problem. Then a chip is added to each pouch to represent each number in the equation.

Counting Tape and Tens Grid: Each day we add another colored sticky note to represent our days in school. These sticky notes make a pattern. Then we color a dot on the tens grid to show the number of days that are shown on the counting tape. As you can see there is one set of ten and five ones on the picture.

In our class, we are all mathematicians!


Suzanne said...

I love the idea of a Mathematician of the Day and can tell that the parts of your Everyday Math Counts will really develop the students' number sense. Thanks for sharing.

Rosalyn and Ulysses said...

Mia was very happy to be mathematician of the day :)She told us all about it.