Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chet & Chelsea

Met the newest additions to our class ~ Chet and Chelsea. These twins are our class bears (They are cousins to the other Chet Bears from our school). They love to travel around the world and are intersted in any destinations we have this year. Please let us know if you will be going somewhere and would be willing to take Chets or Chelsea with you. All you would need to do is e-mail or write down about your trip with Chet or Chelsea and take a few pictures if possible. We will put it on their blog for you at Traveling Chet. The kids will get to enjoy their adventures and learn from them all year. If you have any family members that live or travel in interesting destinations, Chet or Chelsea are welcome to travel to them for a visit.

Please let us know if you would be willing to take Chet or Chelsea on a travel with you! We are excited to see all the great places they can see.

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Jen MacArthur said...

We are so excited about Chet and Chelsea. Rebecca would like to see if Chelsea would be able to go with her on her upcoming trip with her Nana to Ft. Lauderdale. Rebecca and Nana are going to be visiting family for Rebecca's 7th birthday. Rebecca is flying out the evening of October 10th and coming home on October 13th. We would love for Chelsea to make the trip if her schedule is open.