Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It was a Great Night!

Thank you to all the parents who joined us for Open House this evening. We really enjoyed getting to see with your child. We hope that the evening was informational and rewarding as you learned about their day and the work that takes place in our classroom.

Just a couple reminders:
* Send in any tabs for Ronald McDonald House. Also save all your ink cartridges, box tops, and cell phones.
* Don't forget to read with your child every night.
* Check out the blog frequently. You can set it up to automatically update you when a post is made. You can also set it on Google reader if you are following multiple blogs from school.
* If you would like to make a donation to fund our project - you can check it out on donors choose (The Eagles Want to Soar in Science). You can connect directly through our blog.
* Chet and Chelsea are ready to travel around the world. Chelsea is leaving to go to Canada this week. We can't wait to see what she does.
* Don't forget that beginning in Oct. you will be able to find out about the Book of the Month on our blog.
* If you are available to help in the classroom we would appreciate it. Especially on Monday's and Friday's.

Once again, thank you for giving us your time. I know the kids enjoyed showing you how smart they are. It is going to be a fabulous year!!


Rosalyn and Ulysses said...

We agree with you Mrs. Harbour.. it was a great night. Participating of the activities with Mia was very fun and also amazing to see how much she has learned already. We know is going to be a great year.

Debbie Harbour said...

Mr. and Mrs. Matos,
I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the activities. Mia has grown so much over the last year. I can't wait to see how much she will grow this year. I look forward to each day. Thank you for sharing her with me.