Sunday, September 30, 2007

Writer's Workshop

What is Writer's Workshop all about? Each day we learn new ways to become not only a good reader but also a good writer. Writer's Workshop is taught in a similiar fashion to Reader's Workshop. The children come down to the floor for a 7- 10 minute mini-lesson. During this time, they are taught a writing strategy. At the beginning of the year we work on the rituals and routines of the workshop such as where our writing supplies are kept and how to put our work in our writing folder. Other lessons include how to decide what to write about, how to draw our picture at the top of our page and add words to the bottom of the page, and how to begin sounding out our words when writing our story. Right now we are working on writing small moments in our lives which is out of the Lucy Caulkins writing series. The students are thinking about events in their own lives and how to write about them. After the mini-lesson, students return to their seats to for independent writing time.

During this time I am able to conference with students about their work one on one or in small groups. We end our workshop with "share chair" which is a time to showcase students' work that aligned with the mini-lesson from that day. We are also learning how to give compliments to our friends and recognizing their work. Look this week for some examples of our great authors to be posted on the blog.

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