Friday, September 21, 2007

Open House

Last night we had our Open House. It was great to see everyone here with their families. Here is what the kids had to say about the evening:

Carter - I showed my dad around the room. I like showing my mom the good morning song.
Connerly - I showed my mom the math stuff. I like the cookies.
Amy - I showed my dad my books.
Cameron - I showed my mom my books.
Faith - I showed my dad where the scissors were. I like singing our song.
Hannah - I showed my dad the big books.
Zachary - I showed my mom and dad the genre library and the science books. I like reading my books.
Dylan - I showed my dad picture story on the wall.
Lauren - I showed my mom the big books. Showing my mom the morning song.
Julia - I showed my brother Mrs. KK's favorites - a reading station. I sang the song all the way home.
Gema - I showed my mommy where I sit.
Haliey - I showed my mommy my writing folder.
Payton - I showed them my books. It was fun singing our song.
Mia - I showed my mom the math books and showing my mom around the room.
Jasani - I showed my dad my pattern and my work outside. I like showing my parents all around the room.
Alex - I showed my mom all the star student stuff. It was fun doing the good morning song.

Please write a post and tell us what you learned about our class during Open House.


Michelle Joslyn said...

We really had a chance to look around the room and see how filled it is with learning resources. It was great to hear how the day is structured and the level of respect all the students have for you and following your direction. Zachary was excited about many things in his room and it was nice to see all the things we hear about when he comes home each day.

Mrs. Ammons, Julia's Mom said...

What a fun night full of information! I'm sure I speak for most, if not all, parents when I say that we cannot have enough information about what our children do when they are at school. Mrs. Harbour, Mrs. Cordoza & the children did a wonderful job in making us feel at home in their classroom. It was so fun to see their world. Thanks for sharing!!

Faith's Momma said...

We had a great time at open house. We were so impressed with how much the kids already know. The singing was priceless!! Mrs. Harbour did a great job showing us what a day in the life of Faith was like. We are excited to see what the rest of the year will bring!! Awesome job Mrs. Harbour and class!!

dayle said...

I wasn't at your Open House but I feel like I was there from reading what the children have said. what a wonderful time for children to "show off." dayle

kristin said...

What a great time we had...Katie was so excited to show us everything! The "Good Morning" song was terrific! We are truly blessed to have such an amazing school and teachers!

Rosalyn and Ulysses said...

We had an amazing time at open house. It was incredible to learn how Mia spends her day at school. She was very excited and showed us all around the classroom which was filled with so many learning resources. We are very happy that she is a part of Mrs.Harbour's class. Mrs. Cordoza was awesome too.