Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our Small Moments

Over the last couple weeks we have been learning how to write about small moments in our lives. During the workshop mini-lessons, the students have learned strategies to help them think about their story and get their ideas on to paper. The first strategy the students practice daily is to "turn and talk" about their writing topic with their floor buddies. This time helps them to think about their topic, discuss it with a friend, have questions posed to them regarding their topic, and the opportunity to listen to others share what they will be writing about. One writing strategy we use in class is for the student to tap the sentence onto their fingers so he/she is sure of what the sentence is and how many words are in the sentence. While he/she is writing, the student goes back and continues to tap out the words until the sentence is complete. Another strategy students use is to use the chart on the back of their individual writing folder. This chart shows the letters with a picture that begins with that sound. This helps them find the sounds they are unsure about. The most important thing that happens during writing time is conferencing. While students are writing, I am able to meet with children one on one or in small groups to discuss their work and help them learn to sound out their words and organize their thoughts. At the end of our workshop we are able to share our work with our classmates and celebrate all the great work that has been written. Here are some samples of our work from this week:

I have a special dress and I love it really love it cause its like a magic sorceress and it’s really beautiful.

I went to the sleepover

I go to my friends house Anna. I played computer and played tag.

Me and my mom went shopping for clothes. We got clothes. We got two shoes. I got jeans.

I went on the spiderman ride. The car was caught in the web. It was fun.

Today I am going to soccer practice. I played soccer with my friends.

One day at school it rained every-where.

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dayle said...

Oh my gosh! The writing in your class is AWESOME! I can't wait to see how it goes thisyear! dayle timmons