Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our First Field Trip

Our first field trip was a huge success! On Wednesday we took a trip to see Kevin Locke - a Native American of the Lakota and Anishinabe tribes. He is known throughout the world as a hoop dancer, flute player, and story teller as well as many other things. He mostly performs for children and works immensly with children on reservations to ensure the survival of their heritage. We chose to see Kevin's performance as a kick-off to our annual Pow Wow here at Chets Creek. Each year the Kindergarten classes chose a Native American tribe to study in their classrooms. What better way to get our kids excited about the unit study! Kevin Locke's performance included 4 dancers dressed in beautiful Native American attire, dancing, singing, flute and drum playing, story telling, a puppeteer, and hoop dancing. The kids were in awe. The moment the lights went out the audience, which included 219 Kindergartens from our school, it went silent. You can visit his website at

Two of my favorite quotes from the day were:
Alex: Mrs. Harbour, I've never been on a bus before. This is great!
Matthew: That was a great field trip!

Below are some pieces of work which showcase our favorite parts of the day!

It's when he used the hoops.

The girl was doing a dance.

When the man made the design.

The puppet.

I liked when he rolled the hoola hoops.


Melanie Holtsman said...

Mrs. Harbour's class,
That trip looked like so much fun. I love the writing you did about your favorite parts. Your drawings were absolutely beautiful.
:) Mrs. Holtsman

dayle said...

What a great activity to write about favorite parts of the field trip!

Mrs. Harbour's class, Looking at your pcitures and writing reminds me of each thing we saw on the field trip. Wow- what a good way to save our memories! dayle timmons

Michelle Joslyn said...

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. I know it must take up a lot of your time, but I assure you that we, the parents, really enjoy seeing the experiences our children gain from these exciting events.