Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Best Thing About Kindergarten!

Here are some final thoughts about what we loved about Kindergarten:
Ezra - new friends
Addison - the zoo
Sean - the zoo
Taylor - Cummer Museum
Jack - St. Patty's Day party
Bella - POW WOW
Elizabeth - Diamond D Ranch
Simran - POW WOW
Jacob - seeing you every day (how sweet was that!!)
Ava - learning
Ethan - Diamond D
Lynethe - St. Patty's Day party
Emily - Diamond D
Matthew - Diamond D
Nick - pancake breakfast during Eric Carle
Keely - calendar math
Sierra - learning
Prabhmeeka - calendar math

.....looks like they thought it was an eventful, fun year. Write us a post and tell us your favorite thing about Kindergarten from a parent perspective!

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