Thursday, June 10, 2010

All Kinds of Animals

Today we were lucky to have a special guest come to visit our classroom. Robin (an old parent of mine) loves animals - all kinds of animals! She has a total of 39 that live with her. Today she brought in a variety of animals for the students to see. We saw reptiles, snakes, spiders, and mammals such as the chinchilla and the sugar glider. The kids absolutely loved the show and learned a lot about these animals: how to respect them, not to touch animals they don't know, and how these animals live, plus much more. Jessie (my daughter) was visiting the classroom today and was the brave one to hold the tarantula - the kids were very excited. Here are some highlights from the show along with the kids favorite animals!

Ezra - Chinchilla
Addison - Tarantula
Sean - Sugar Glider
Taylor - Sugar Glider
Jack - Sugar Glider
Bella - Chinchilla
Elizabeth - Chinchilla
Simran - Chinchilla
Jacob - Sugar Glider
Lynethe - the snakes
Ethan - Tarantula
Ava - Sugar Glider
Emily - Sugar Glider
Matthew - Sugar Glider
Nick - Iguana
Keely - the lizards
Sierra - Chinchilla
Prabhmeeka - Sugar Glider

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