Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Is Here...

Just like the kids, we look forward to summer break. The end of the year is so busy and things like blogging somehow get put to the side for a while. But now that school is over and the room is clean, it is time for all of us to have a little fun. This summer I thought it would be great for us to use our blog in a different ways. First, a couple teachers and I will be posting new fun summer activities to do. Each week we will post a way to use all the great things you learned in Kindergarten with what you are experiencing this summer. It will be lots of fun things. Also, I want to know what you all are doing during these two months. I will set up a separate section for you to post a comment about your summer fun. If you have a picture, you can e-mail it to me and I will post it on as well.

I look forward to hearing all the great places and things you will be doing. I too will be taking pictures of our travels and posting them along the way. I hope everyone has a great safe, fun summer.

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