Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Fun Activity #2

Web sites

We thought maybe one of the first things we could do together is to take a look at some interesting computer sites that you might enjoy over the summer. Here are some that we recommend. Just click on the underlined game to try it out.

1. Activities include letter sounds to intermediate reading. You may remember this site from school because this is the one that we had set on the computers.

Star Fall

2. At this site you can read Clifford books and fill in words or you can play games. I'm a fan of the big red dog. Try out this site and see if you are too.


3. See how well you remember how to make patterns with this game practice with patterning.


4. Lots of number games and activities can be found at this interesting site. Let us know which ones you like!

Number Time

If you try any of these games, leave us a comment and let us know if you liked them (or if you didn't) by clicking on the comment button at the bottom of this post.

Parents: Your child will need help finding the comment button and with the process of leaving a comment, but try to let them type and sound out the words for any post that they might be interested in writing. Leave the spelling as your child writes it (I know it's hard not to correct it!), but we want the children to know that they can communicate on their own! Happy Summer!

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Rosalyn and Ulysses said...

Thank you for the websites. I will be checking them out with Mia and will let you know how we like them. Hope you are having an awesome summer.