Monday, March 17, 2008

That Devious Leprechaun

What a day we had for St. Patrick's Day. We began by setting our traps first thing this morning. Afterwards we listened to a story about The Luckiest Leprechaun and read a couple poems together. Then we made our cute leprechaun hats,made a book, and wrote a story about a leprechaun. Before we knew it - it was lunch time. That is when that devious leprechaun came and made a mess in our room. You would not believe the mess we had. All those traps and we still couldn't catch him. He left us a note, coins INSIDE our traps, and even a snack of green milk and oreo cookies (but we had to clean up first). Lucky for us the kids did a great job at clean up and we were able to enjoy our green treat. Thank goodness that devious leprechaun only comes once a year. Here are some highlights from our day!

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