Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reader’s Workshop in an Author Study

What do young emergent readers do during an author study? You might not think a lot but walk into our classroom and you will find out how wrong you are. Over the last couple weeks we have read many Eric Carle books that he has written. The kids have loved being able to hear new stories, make predictions about these new books, discuss how the books relate to each other, make text to self and text to text connections, and share their favorite parts. They learn how to not only make predictions about an individual book but learn how to make predictions based on what they know about that author and other books he has written. This week the kids learned about Venn Diagrams. They were able to compare two books by Eric Carle and find what these two texts had that were the same and different.

Each day they “WOW” me as they become so involved in their books. They are reading, discussing, and writing about their thoughts. They are continually learning how to have book talks with one another which will help them to be successful lifelong readers. Make sure you talk to your child to find out what we are doing each day.

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