Sunday, March 2, 2008

Eric Carle - We just love his books

Over the last two weeks we have been reading many Eric Carle books. We have been learning how to discuss his books and write a response to them as well.

In Reader's Workshop we have been learning important attributes to his books such as the characters, setting, and the main idea. We also have been making predictions prior to reading and then making text to self connections to help us understand the story better.

This week we discussed all the different ways readers could respond to literature. We have charted our thoughts and used these charts to help guide us through out writing. This also helps us learn how to discuss his books with our floor buddies as we do every day.

We will continue our Eric Carle study through the end of March. Ask your child to write a post about his/her favorite Eric Carle book so far. Here are some of our samples of work. (click on the work to see a larger image)




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