Monday, November 15, 2010

Reader's Workshop

This week we began working on inferring as a reading strategy. Today the kids learned that in order to be a good reader, we need to know how to infer the information that is not directly given to us in the text. As they become better readers, they will need to learn how to use what they know to understand what is not directly stated. Today we practiced basic sentences to help us understand what it means to infer. Here is a couple samples from our lesson today:

My sister and I share a room. We are twins. Sometimes we wear each other’s clothes.
The speaker is ________________.

My son has two children. They visit me every summer. I bake them cookies and take them to the zoo. We have a great time!
The speaker is _________________.

This divides my yard from the yard next door. It is made of wood. I cannot see over it.
The object is ________________________.

I wear these when it is cold. I have a red one and a blue one. My mom has one for the sun.
The object is _______________________.

Each day we will look at text and learn how to infer what the sentence/passage is about. Ask your child how we are learning about inference as a reader.

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