Monday, March 29, 2010

Pamela Duncan Edwards & Henry Cole

How fortunate are we that we had Pamela Duncan Edwards and Henry Cole visit our school for the 3rd time since we have opened 12 years ago. What a gift to be able to see them present to an audience. One of the best things about this wonderful duo are the way they work together. Mrs. Edwards began her presentation on how the story of Livingstone Mouse came to be.

When she had given the background of the story, she went on to read the book. While she read, Henry Cole did an illustration. It is amazing at how quickly he can draw a picture to go with a story.

When they were done, they created a new character with help from the audience and included extra characters (it was about a cat who was going to a dance). It was great to see how they could take one simple character and start to put the character into a story line.

Through the years, both have worked closely together to write and illustrate many books. Make sure you ask your child about the books we heard in class by this dynamic duo!

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