Monday, March 29, 2010

Eric Carle Celebration Day

Nothing is more fun than having a culminating event where kids celebrate and author they have come to know and love. Friday we celebrated the work of Eric Carle. Our morning consisted of stations where kids did activities based around his work. We played on an animal game on the smartboard, we made tissue paper seahorses, had a hungry caterpillar reley race, made pancakes and played Eric Carle bingo. Then after lunch we made hermit crabs out of pasta shells, hungry caterpillar necklaces, decorated cupcakes, and decorated butterflies. In between all that we even got in a game of duck, duck, goose just for some fun. Here are the highlights from our day.

These were the kids favorite activities:
Ezra - cupcakes
Addison- hermit crabs
Sean - seahorse
Lania - relay
Taylor - duck, duck, goose
Jack - butterfly
Bella - butterfly
Elizabeth- relay
Simran - butterfly
Jacob - relay
Ava - seahorse
Ethan - duck,duck,goose
Lynethe - butterfly
Emily - bingo
Alex - relay
Matthew - relay
Trey - panckaes & bingo
Nick - relay
Keely - pancakes & bingo
Skyler - hermit crab
Sierra - butterfly

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jtf1 said...

we enjoy looking at all the great pictures, Taylor tells us all about the activities but it is nice to see what she is talking about on the slide shows. Thanks for making learning so much fun for her.