Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

This morning I had to go to the beach area to run an errand so Matthew and I decided we would head down to the beach to see how the storm was coming in. Matthew is like me and we love the beach so we were interested to see how bad the waves were beating up our coast. WOW...the waves were big, the wind was strong, and the rain hurt as it pelted against our skin. We were saddened to see that the boardwalk was already starting to get torn apart as the waves were crashing into the beach and pier. Matthew attempted to save the pieces from going out in the water but there were too many pieces already broken.

We stayed for just a few minutes and took some pictures from the boardwalk. It wasn't long until the wind started to pick up even more and the rain started to come. We knew that we needed to head back safely home. We will have to hope that as strong as Fay is, she doesn't destroy our beaches too much.

As I sit and write this the storm has picked up. The wind is whipping the trees and the rain is thundering against the windows. Luckily we are in our house and safe as I hope all our families are.

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Zachary Joslyn said...

I played Yahtzee, played puzzles. I played Hungry Hungry Hippos and Memory with my mommy and daddy and Shadow was there. We went and looked at the waves. I read a UFO book by myself.

Zachary Joslyn