Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where Does Our Food Come From?

Part of our Kindergarten science curriculum has how people interact with their environment. We have tied this benchmark into a food unit so that students understand how people use plants and animals to obtain food. This is such a great time for kids to learn where their food comes from. During this time we hit on the major areas of milk and wheat. We learn how we get those foods and what we use them for. We also learn about chocolate, tomatoes, oranges, cheese, and whatever else they are interested in. We have great discussions about foods we like and foods that are healthy. We read many books about how food is grown or made. We watch videos that show us how the milk goes from the cow to the truck or the wheat turns into bread. Today we made butter and ice cream. Usually we make these on separate days but our schedule has been a little off during this unit ~ so we made them both in one day. What a great afternoon of making foods and trying new things. The kids didn't think they would like homemade butter but they loved it on crackers. They didn't think the ice cream would taste like ice cream from the store, but they were wrong. After we were done making our foods and eating them, the kids wrote up a lab report about the steps involved, what observations were made, and what the results were. Here are the highlights from our day!

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