Monday, March 26, 2012

Did you see that tricky leprechaun?

Well if you were in our first grade classroom on March 16th you would have seen him sneaking by our window! The Friday before spring break brought lots of commotion to our quiet classroom. All our students brought in their traps ready to catch a leprechaun. But all we got was a big mess. Our day started out with a note from the quickest leprechaun of all - Mike O'Leary. We don't know where the note came from. It just showed up under our door that morning while we were working. He said we wouldn't be able to catch him. The kids thought we could. We set our traps before we left for lunch (we heard that they only come when you are not in the room). When we returned from lunch the room was still perfect. But when we went out to recess - that sneaky leprechaun came in and messed up the room. He broke our traps, pottied in the toilet, left green footprints on the floor and tables, and threw paper everywhere. As much as we were upset by all this (especially since we didn't catch him), he did leave us a note with some cookies and green milk. He also left us special coins and green mint candies. While we were cleaning up we looked out the window and who do you think we saw? Yep - that sneaky, yet quick, Mike O'Leary running off. Maybe we'll catch him next year.

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