Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Graders Making Connections

This week we started our Kevin Henkes author study. In Writer's Workshop, we have been making connections to his books. Today we read Owen. Here are some of our favorite connections:

This book Owen reminds me of when Owen doesn't give up his blanket and always wants his blanket Fuzzy. I remember when I was almost four years old and I was still on a bottle and my mom and dad said that O needed to stop the bottle and now I am six and I stopped the bottle. Then I am going to turn seven on April fifteenth and that is how Owen is.

Have you read the book Owen by Kevin Henkes? That story reminds me when I was a little girl and I had a stuffed bunny. He was pink and white. It was my sisters. She got to big for her so she gave it to me and now it is mine. In the part of this story when Owen didn't want to give it up his blanket because he loved it.

This book Owen by Kevin Henkes reminds me when Owen did not want to give his blanket away because Owen was to big for the blanket and my sister giver her shirt because she is too big for her shirt and now I am wearing her shirt like Owen. The end.

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