Monday, September 7, 2009

Busy Kindergarteners

Hard to believe that we are going into our third week of school. The kids have been busy learning all the rituals and routines of our class. Last week we began our nursery rhyme unit and our Star Book vocabulary unit. Our nursery rhyme unit is taught in our skill block and focuses on phonemic awareness. Throughout the day we have been listening to our Star Books such as Caps for Sale and The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We use these stories to help us learn how to retell stories orally and through dramatic play. These books are all rich in language which we use to help broaden their vocabulary. In Writer's Workshop we have learned how to tell "sharing events" to our friends and begin to write those stories with pictures and words. Math has been a time of exploration. Students have learned about the different manipulatives we have in class and have had free time to explore all the many ways they can be used. This week we were also able to finish our math diagnostic test which will help us know how to best teach your child. In Science we have been learning about what Science means and what Scientists do. If you haven't checked out our glog - make sure you do. This time of the year is also a great time to learn about family which we have been doing in Social Studies. Students have been able to draw and share pictures of their families. Somewhere in between all this they have had time to do some crafts, enjoy recess, and play with new friends.

Check in frequently to see all the great things we are doing. Have your child write a comment about what he/she has liked most about the first two weeks of school.

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Ali Long said...

Bella says she enjoyed learning about what scientists do and also drawing. She says she is happy about making good friends with Elizabeth too!