Monday, April 13, 2009

Persuasive Writing

This week we finished our Persuasive Writing Unit. The kids really enjoyed writing about things they were passionate about. They sent letters to many different people: the principal, the president, the governor, and even us. We loved our letters (and may even considerer some of them). Here is a glipse into some of the letters we received.

Dear Mrs. Harbour,
I want more lunch time. I never get to finish my lunch. It's not fair. We only have a little bit of time. Can we have silent lunch because if I try to eat my food then in a minute people start to talk to me. That why I never get to finish my lunch.
Your hungry student,
P.S. I want more lunch time!

Dear Mrs. Harbour and Mrs. VanAlstyne,
I think we need to eat in the classroom! Because it won't be that loud. You can watch us when we eat! We would know not to yell. But we would have to remember to get everything. And we would probably win a bear every day! We won't have to wait to put are trash away. We wouldn't get bad compliments about our behavior! Remember that time when we ate in the classroom - it was really really fun.
a shy kid
P.S. Can you please!

Dear. Mrs. Harbour,
Can we have longer recess? Because I don't get to play with my friends a lot. And when I play a game I don't get to finish. And I really like to play tag outside a lot. Remember when we had a short recess? I didn't get to play with my friends a long time.

Dear Mrs. Harbour and Mrs. VanAlstyne,
I think we need more boys because I think that it is not fair that we have more girls then boys. When I was in Mrs. Meissner's class we had more boys than girls. That is why we had more friends of boys.
Brandon L.
P.S. It's not fair to have more girls than boys.

Dear Mrs. Harbour,
Can we have longer recess. I think the class really needs longer recess. Because when we have P.E. we only get 10 minutes outside and if we bring our snacks out we don't have time to play. If we flip our cards we get to sit in time out and don't have all the time to play. Sometimes when we have longer recess we behave.
From your student,

Pretty persuasive weren't they? We thought so.

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