Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Getting ready for the holidays means many things in our classroom. We are making parent gifts, having guest readers, and enjoying our holiday party with a pizza lunch.

It also includes our class book exchange. Each child is asked to send in one inexpensive book already wrapped. The kids get in a circle and the books are put in the middle. Then I call one child at a time by his/her class number to choose a book out of the pile. No one is allowed to open the book until all children have one in hand. On the count of three - paper was flying everywhere.

There are two rules to our book exchange: 1. You can't choose the book you brought in 2. Be grateful for the book you receive whether you like it or not. For children who are unable to send in a book for any reason, I have extra books I wrap to add to the pile. This way every child walks away with a book! This year is was a great success and the kids were excited for their new books.

Check out the rest of our holiday photos:

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