Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Best Part of Pow Wow

The kids were asked what he/she liked about the day. It really was a fun day for all of us. Here were their thoughts!

Connerly - singing and dancing
Lea - dancing
Emily - dancing
Richa - singing
Faith - dancing
Hannah - dancing
Payton - dancing
Zachary - seeing the teepee
Amy - dancing
Hailey - the story in the teepee
Alex - dancing
Rebecca - dancing
Julia - dancing
Elliot - dancing
Mia - the reading in the teepee
Katie - dancing
Carter - dancing
Cameron - dancing
Lauren - dancing
Brandon - dancing
Matthew - dancing
Alexis - the story in the teepee
Nakyya - the teepee
Jasani - the teepee
Lisa - the teepee

As you can see, the dancing was one of the favorite things about their day. We were very proud of all their hard work. They did a GREAT job!

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dayle said...

Your pictures are amazing. I feel like I was right there with you. I especially enjoyed the Scavenger Hunt pictures since I didn't have a chance to watch the team work! It was a wonderful day! dayle